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Q: What is a Care Assessment?
A: Care assessment is an essential part of the process of finding the right level of care or the right type of Care Home. Everyone, whether publicly or privately funded, is entitled to a care assessment which will be provided by your local social services. A care assessment is nothing to be worried about, it will just involve talking to a person about your needs and how you wish to live. 

Q: How do I know my care needs will be met?
A: Before your admission to Morvern Care Centre, a member of our Assessment Team will visit you in your own home, hospital, or in another home, and undertake a comprehensive assessment of your care needs. The Senior Carer will assess your personal as well as social needs and will encourage your involvement in the procedure if possible. Your relatives can be involved if you wish and the carer will seek input from your social worker or hospital staff if relevant.

Q: What will happen after care assessment?
A: Our staff will prepare personalised care plan and your daily routine from the Care Assessment made. You will be welcomed in our home with complimentary Welcome Kit which includes daily toiletries and guidelines. You will be introduced with other residents and care staff and social activist to familiarize the environments and place. You will start feeling as your home from the very first day.

Q: Can I bring my personal furniture and belonging to care home?
A: Yes, we always request and encourage our resident to bring their personal belongings with you. This is your home and you can decorate your room the way you like with your own belongings.

Q: Who will pay for my care?
A: If you have capital which totals less than £23,250 you are eligible for Local Authority financial support. This means that, if you meet the Local Authority's criteria for residential or nursing care, their finance department will pay a contribution towards the cost of your care at Morvern Care Centre. The rest of the fee will be paid by you from the benefits you receive from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), formerly known as the Department of Social Security (DSS). You will still receive a personal allowance from the DWP to spend how you wish.

If your capital totals in excess of £23,250 you are not eligible to receive financial support from the Local Authority and your care will be 'self funded'. This means that, until your capital level drops to £23,250, you will pay for your own care from your own funds.

Q: What if I do not want to involve the social work services?
A: If you can afford the care home fees without help from the local authority, and do not wish to take advantage of nursing care or personal care payments, you can make your own arrangements without involving the social work service at all.

Q: Is there enough staff to look after me?
A: An ample staffing establishment provides the highest quality of dementia and residential care for the elderly. There will be at least 6 to 12 care staff in the care home 24 hours a day.

Q: When can my friends and family visit me?
A: There is no restriction on visiting times at Morvern Care Centre, your friends and family are welcome at any time. However, for your own convenience we politely request that visits are arranged to avoid meal times. If you would like to go out with your family for the day, this is easily accommodated; our chef will keep your meal warm for your return or alternatively, our staff can prepare a cold meal if you prefer.

Q: How Can I contact my friends once I move into The Morvern Care Centre?
A: A public telephone is located in the Residential Unit lounge foyer which also receives incoming calls, the telephone number is 01253 867997. Alternatively, the telephone in the downstairs office may be used for private calls. If you have any difficulty using the telephone the staff will be happy to assist you.

Q: Have you got designated smoking area?
A: All residents enjoy the benefit of a clean and smoke free environment at Morvern Care Centre, but for those who wish to smoke, the smoking area has been designated for this purpose due to its ample ventilation. Smoking is not permitted in any other room and staff are not allowed to smoke anywhere in the building.

Q: What if I need changes to my services?
A: We are very flexible with our service and understand the care situation can quickly change. We can adjust schedules with short notice, and we do not have any "contract period" to which you are committed. At the client and family’s discretion, care can typically be established within a few days

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“To provide excellent personalised homely care for all residents.

To provide a comfortable environment for residents to enjoy a purposeful life style with privacy, dignity, self-respect, safety, independence, religious belief, preferences and their rights as individuals.

To recognise investment in people by providing learning and development opportunities to our team members” 

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